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Starting Somewhere..

Hello Friends!! I am Mk of Picturememk or Kayla And this is the start of my blog!!!! I’m excited to finally get started but also nervous about being transparent with my readers and friends! But hey.. you have to start some where and my last couple of years of life have been all about jumping out there..

A little bit about me is... Im a mother first! That is and always will be my greatest accomplishment. My pride and joy is my son, Micah, and then my second baby, Pictureme Mk!

A little secret is.. I have NO idea how I became a photographer. I’ve always loved pictures.. I love the idea of stopping time for just one second. But I never gave thought into being a photographer before last year! It wasn’t until one day I picked up my old camera and had a day in the park! This day was so peaceful, fullfilling, and inspiring! That’s the day I decided photography was for me. With already acquiring skills in editing and shooting.. I decided to just jump out there! After my leap of faith.. the out pouring support, compliments, and love kept me going! I take pride in this journey because it started so pure and has manifested into something of its own. I am grateful and excited to share all my different experiences, up and downs, with you all!

Through my blog I plan to share my life, experiences, insight, and any advice I can! I’ve started healthy journeys and would like to share and grow with you all. Please, please feel free to comment what you are trying to accomplish, or start, some of your goals, anything you’d like to see or talk about! We can all grow together!

...Until next time!


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